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Moving along – or not.

April 18, 2019

Hey Congress…we’ve got a couple of bridges around here that need to be replaced.

Fat chance of that happening for awhile though, as long as Democrats are still suffering from TDS.

Maybe trying to unseat Trump is such an addiction that only involuntary commitment to a treatment facility will cure it.

If you ever had any doubts that some Democrats were and still are trying to invalidate the votes of 63 million people, today’s reaction to the Mueller report should set you straight.

Take the obstruction of justice charges for instance.

If a person can be indicted for what they think, then just about all of us could be on trial.

Even the charges that the President “ordered” some people to “shut down the investigation”, while concerning,  comes to nothing, because that didn’t happen. The President didn’t need anyone else to shut it down, because it was his right to do so, and he didn’t.

And, if you can think about it rationally, his frustration is understandable, given that the President knew none of his people “colluded” with Russia.

Frankly, the best way to stop this is to vote out the people who seem to have a vested interest in continuing this meme ad infinitum.

It isn’t productive and it’s beginning to make Nadler, Schiff,  Pelosi and rest of them look more like foreign agents themselves, rather than representatives of the people.

Apparently we will still have to sit through more hearings, with AG Barr and SC Mueller being scolded by Democrats for not getting rid of that dastardly SOB in the White House.


Can you even imagine what happens if Trump is re-elected? Nancy may stroke out right in the halls of Congress.


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