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TGIF – April 19, 2019.

April 19, 2019

Was the Mueller report focused on the wrong target?

The Mueller report states that Russia did seek to interfere in our political process, not so much by changing votes but by seeking to create chaos in the country itself. No one seems to be disputing that conclusion.

It would be hard to argue that aim is being fulfilled every day since Donald Trump was elected. Which party has been at the forefront of all this chaos?

Well, it doesn’t seem to be the Republicans.

Even post the report’s release you have would-be gumshoe, ambulance-chasing Democrats  STILL going on about Trump, and now AG Barr, and all the other post election garbage they can create and shovel.

And that leads us to wonder anew whether this isn’t about a lot more than just losing the election.

Are the Russians just that skilled in picking out the pea brains that will, in the interest of getting their own name in the headlines, unwittingly further the Russian playbook or is it more than that?

Certainly Jerry Nadler knows that it is illegal for Barr to hand over all the grand jury material, yet he demands it anyway. After all, if Dems get the one million plus written statements and interview briefings, they can keep their game going easily to 2020, and beyond if Trump wins again.

Swelled head Swalwell has about as much chance of becoming President as a flea in a bonfire, but running for the office ensures that he will be quoted as he calls for Barr’s head.

Let us not forget that famous “hot mic” moment just before the 2012 election.

Saving Notre Dame.

Some people in and outside of France are having heartburn over all the money that is being donated to rebuild Notre Dame.

This isn’t about Catholicism.

We have lost so many historical monuments and writings over the past few decades. The Nazis,  ISIS, and even groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter have destroyed so many things that are part of the world’s historical record.

You can be a Catholic or an atheist and still understand that Notre Dame is a part of our collective history, and not just another grand building.

Having said that, it would behoove the people collecting these donations to have just one website or address to pledge the money.  Scammers never miss a chance to exploit tragedy.

This is progress?

Science has set out to create warm-blooded androids with the latest nascent technology being a way to implant a chip in your brain so you are always connected to the internet. They say this will be commonplace by 2050.

Well, at least you won’t have to carry a phone or tablet around then.

Seriously, relieving us from the burden of having human emotions is not progress.

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