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The robots are already here.

April 23, 2019

While channel hopping this morning, we happened upon one of those business shows discussing the economy.

One of the people was a Democrat “spokesman” surrounded by well-known economic pundits.

Said spokesman was going on and on about how many people were still being paid at the Federal  minimum wage, as he said “…like Walmart and Amazon and the rest of the robber barons.”

This man was SO sincere, so sure of his facts that he actually argued when reminded that Walmart’s starting wage is $11 an hour, while Amazon pays $15 and Target pays $13, according to USA Today.

Which left us with the burning desire to capture this guy and drill a peephole into his head to see if he had a VHS tape playing on a tiny player in his head.

We can attest to several signs at fast food joints around town advertising $8 to $9 an hour for part-time counter help.

Then it struck us. This wasn’t a real person. It was one of those computer-chipped androids we talked about last Friday.

Look, we all expect the various candidates and parties to gild the lily a bit, and yes, politicians sometimes tell outright lies.

But you’d think even a Democrat would be smart enough not to prevaricate about facts it is so easy to check.

Which brings us to the point of the last two years.

Democrats hope if they repeat a myth long enough they will finally make it true, and the reason they hate all the smelly Walmart people is because we, unlike the “spokesman” actually have a working brain.

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