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Time to ban professional sports?

April 23, 2019

Retro racism is a big draw for liberals these days, but they are sure selective about how they choose to punish it.

As you may have read, the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers couldn’t get the hacksaws out fast enough to take down the statue of the late singer, Kate Smith, who died 33 years ago, over a song she performed in 1939.  She didn’t even write the song, just recorded it.

That followed the lead of major league baseball’s New York Yankees, who suspended use of her recording of God Bless America  during the seventh inning stretch.

Of course that’s the same Major League Baseball who practiced flagrant segregation until 1947, when the then Brooklyn Dodgers brought in Jackie Robinson at first base.

Lots of sports were segregated back in 1939, 1909, and even 1899, and it wasn’t just black men who were discriminated against.

Althea Gibson didn’t break the color barrier in women’s professional tennis until 1950.

Perhaps we could have some modicum of understanding for retro racism if the left didn’t use it so selectively.

Prior to the 1940’s segregation was pretty much the de facto standard in America. It isn’t hard to find some famous (and usually white) person to make an example out of during that time.

If your political tastes run to trying to blot out history, then at least be honest and ban most of the professional sports that people sit on their lardy backsides and watch.

Until that happens, please spare the rest of us your pious virtue signaling.


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