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Biden his time.

April 25, 2019

OK, Joe Biden is finally officially in the 2020 race, although it seemed that his only platform will be to appoint himself the savior of America by beating the current President.

The former VP’s slightly sappy video announcement made him sound like a cross between Sir Galahad and Joan of Arc.

Joe Biden was and maybe still is a savvy politician, but that was in a different era.

Watching him trying to get into the “woke” ranks for this race has already been painful.

What Democrats seem to have totally missed is that most persuadable voters expect a bit more out of a President than free ice cream and open borders.

Of those “persuadables” (vs deplorables) there are certainly people who want someone with President Trump’s record of economic accomplishments and will to stand up to our adversaries overseas, in a package that is far less histrionic.

In this election, those fence sitters will be far less tolerant of what some of them see as Trump’s personal “immaturity,” i.e. the labeling and name calling than they were last time, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to vote for someone who just changes the face in the presidential portrait.

They most certainly aren’t for open borders, voting on murderers row, or identity politics.

That’s the group that perceived moderate Dems like Biden can appeal to, but in 2020 they will be the least courted of all the voters.

Joe Biden instinctively senses that but it’s unlikely he can afford to court them, given where all the big donor money is at this time in history.

All that doesn’t bode well for Uncle Joe this time around either.

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