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TGIF – April 26, 2019.

April 27, 2019

The very presidential Mr. DeBlasio.

Rumor has it that NYC’s mayor still has designs on a 2020 presidential run.

This is a guy who wants to (and has, in part) ban “processed” meats, ban both plastic and  (biodegradable) paper  bags, charge higher taxes and/or penalties to building owners of skyscrapers, charge commuters new taxes for the dubious privilege of driving into NYC, ban systemic oppression(?) and on and on.

We have a suggestion.

Why not just ban the people?  That way the city wouldn’t have a carbon footprint at all.

Believe it or not, there isn’t a single large business in NYC that couldn’t be conducted from almost any other place on earth.

And you wonder why people are laughing at Democrats?

Run Joe, run.
Despite the amount of money he raised post-announcement, former VP Biden still has yet to find a sweet spot for his campaign.

Somehow he has to convert from being the old-style baby-kissing, glad-handing politician to being just “woke” enough not to lose everyone in his party under forty.

If his time on The View is any barometer, he isn’t there yet.

Watching him stammer through an explanation of sorts regarding the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill confirmation drama, it seemed as though he really doesn’t think he wronged her in any way.

No, that was all those other people that owe her an apology. He was just the Chairman of the committee.

For those that didn’t watch the hearings in 1991, Ms. Hill was accused of testifying against Thomas because she was angry that he spurned her advances.  She was making just the opposite charge, that he had come on to her.

Think Kavanaugh, only 28 years ago.

Former VP Biden may not be chronologically too old, but he is at the very least still out of step with the “MeToo” times of today.

As ye do unto others….

We get just as tired of all of this political stuff as you do, so in ending, please click here for a story about a man and his new dog that will leave you in a good frame of mind.


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