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What the Poway shooter isn’t.

April 29, 2019

As has been too often the case ever since 2008, the left is now doubling down on the Poway shooter as being a white nationalist and/or supremacist. And of course he was obviously following the directions of Donald Trump.

The anti-Semitic shooter is Caucasian, but he is also a convert to radical Islamism; in short, a jihadist, or at least someone using the cover of radical Islam to justify being a common murderer.

That ideology has nothing to do with race, yet you have a number people on the left cackling on about the shooting being Trump’s fault and lumping all Trump supporters into the white nationalist category.

That’s  becoming stale, but it does seem to be furthering the leftist ideal of conquering whitey.

Anyone who has stayed out of the political fray can look back and see which party made the past dozen years or so all about race, and it sure wasn’t the rank-and-file Republicans.

Having lost their edge due to the Mueller report, it isn’t surprising that the liberal pundits and race-baiters have fallen back on their stock in trade messaging.

Are there white supremacist groups out there? Yes, there are and they are as despised by ordinary Americans as are the Antifa and radical black power groups.

But if Democrats think they have snowball’s chance in hell of winning in 2020, calling every white person a white supremacist sure is a funny way of getting their vote.

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