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Did Dems miss the Bar(r)?

May 3, 2019

We don’t know this to be a fact, but we’d bet that before AG William Barr accepted the nomination to be Attorney General, someone told him that if he was confirmed he’d better come to work in a flak jacket.

Yesterday was a prime example of why he would need that apparel.

For some reason, the AG decided that he didn’t need to spend another wasted day letting Lefties speechify and use him as a Trump stand-in.

Watching the performance put on by the Democrat members of the committee yesterday was about as useful as watching paint dry.

One thing did seem to stand out though, namely that the Dems seem almost frantic to either remove him from office or at least keep him so busy defending himself that he wouldn’t have time to investigate what was actually going on during the 2016 campaign.

They may have picked the wrong guy to try to intimidate. He’s about as “scared” as a mouse that has just been given a nice block of cheese to eat.

AG Barr is a seasoned veteran of the political arena in Washington. Added to that, the man has more self-control under his little fingernail than most people have in their whole body, and you have a real problem for Democrats and Never Trumpers.

Although Barr probably reads the papers and turns on a TV once and awhile, even he may have initially been surprised at the lengths to which  Dems would go to stop any investigation of their methods and goals during the campaign and the subsequent years of this presidential term.

We said it before and we’ll say it again; William Barr is not the guy you want to pick a fight with, not by a long shot.

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