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Armchair quarterbacking Mueller.

May 6, 2019

The various news media are all agog that 3-400 Federal prosecutors nationwide have signed a letter stating that at least per the Mueller report, the President is guilty of obstruction of justice.


Remember when James Comey laid out the case for charging Hillary Clinton with dereliction of duty and God knows what else, only to wind up insisting that no prosecutor would submit the case to a grand jury?

As we remember, several hundred attorneys and even a retired judge or two howled from the rooftops that Comey had presented enough evidence of wrongdoing so that any prosecutor would have charged her.

We tend to believe that none of the people signing this latest letter were members of the Trump campaign.

Furthermore, at this point no one gives a rat’s behind about collusion, conspiracy or obstruction. No one except some delusional Democrats, of course. It is, or should be, done and over with.

Of course that’s not how Washington works, so we’ve got hacks like Jerrold Nadler and his crew still nattering on about censoring AG Barr and yes, impeaching the President.

It would be nice to know how Donald Trump would govern if he was free of all that folderol, but apparently that’s still a pipe dream.

Seriously, Mr. Nadler, no one cares anymore. As soon as the Mueller report cleared the President of any conspiracy or “collusion” the rest of the country was ready to  move on.

Sorry ladies and gentlemen, but you are going to have to beat the President at the ballot box.

With various Democrat candidates promising to raise taxes, turn healthcare into a government monopoly, and confiscate guns from law-abiding owners while leaving them in the hands of criminals, Dems have a tough enough row to hoe without being distracted by impeachment proceedings.

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