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Another kind of climate change.

May 7, 2019

Tomorrow we’ll get to see whether congressional lefties will make good on their threat to arrest Attorney General Barr for failure to appear in the House.

While some of them are probably drooling all the way down to their knees over the chance to perp-walk the AG, it’s likely that cooler heads know that they are beginning to set up the same voting climate for 2020 as existed in 2016.

Although no one has ever presented a study to confirm it, many voters weren’t just voting against Hillary or for Trump.

They were voting against the ridiculous charade that we call Congress.

You could probably count on the fingers of your two hands the number of representatives and senators who give a darn about the country or the voters, and have some fingers left over.

It certainly would appear that the members of the House and Senate didn’t get the message.

Take the mess at the border for instance.

The President is right when he says that Congress could fix our immigration laws in 15 minutes if the members wanted to do so.

Interestingly, even the NYT is beginning to admit that there might be just the teeniest little problem at the border, and if Congress has lost the Times, it’s lost the country.

The political climate has gone from stinky to putrid, and once again, the country is heartily tired of it.

The current Democrat front-runner is so out of touch that he thinks he’s been talking to Margaret Thatcher lately.

That must have been one hell of a séance. Or, maybe all older white ladies with British accents look the same to Joe Biden. Who knows?

The 2020 election should be interesting, assuming things don’t improve in the current political climate.

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