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Our stinky Congressional windbags.

May 9, 2019

For a bunch that worries so much about global warming, the House Judiciary Committee must have raised the global temperature by at least 2 degrees today.

After bloviating and passing gas for nearly eight hours, the committee voted pretty much along straight party lines to hold William Barr in contempt of Congress this afternoon.

And then the chairman, Jerrold Nadler followed up by doing a poor imitation of some tragic Shakespearean character while declaring we were now in a “constitutional crisis.”

Horse pucky.

The only crisis we are in is that we keep paying these people to satisfy their long squelched dramatic inclinations on the national stage.

After all the grade school caliber histrionics, the committee still doesn’t have the unredacted Mueller report, and unless and until some judge rules on whether the grand jury testimony can be released, they are not likely to see it any time soon.

One has to wonder when the President and the White House legal beagles are going to file charges against the Nadlers, Schumers,  Pelosis and the rest of the disappointed Democrat divas for their constant attempts to derail this President.

After all, if it looks like a coup attempt, sounds like a coup attempt and smells to high heaven like a coup attempt, maybe it is a coup attempt.

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