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House of cards?

May 13, 2019

The Democrat wing in the House of Representatives seems to be made up of a lot of frustrated sheriffs, judging by how many of them want to arrest various members of the Trump administration.

First it was Trump himself, then his son, and currently it is Attorney General William Barr.

It would be interesting to poll the people who voted for the new Democrat representatives to see  if all this political mayhem was what they were expecting from the newbies.

Between arresting people and sponsoring odd bills like H.R. 5, one has to wonder if these people should be being paid as legislators, or as entertainers.

Perhaps it is interesting to see which Dem will come up with the next ridiculous line, but that certainly isn’t the reason they are being paid.

Actually the main idea seems to be to keep the Trump administration so busy defending against political attacks that it can’t get anything else done.

Given that there are some rather important issues out there, that would seem to be an actual attempt to interfere with the governance of the country.

Unfortunately we are stuck with these jokers until 2020, with the exception of three special elections this year.

In the meantime, it would be educational to keep track of how much actual governing is done before 2020.

If the future is anything like the immediate past, we probably need to see a lot of new faces in the House in 2021.

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