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Dems still looking for dirt.

May 14, 2019

An article in Politico today that outlines one of the legal tiffs going on over Congress’ attempts to subpoena the President’s tax returns shows that Dems are still obsessed with their Manchurian candidate theory.

A lot of people have wondered out loud why Congress should give a damn about how much money the President made or even lost before becoming President. So did the judge.

The counsel for the House enumerated among other things that it would show whether the President was “…under the thumb of a foreign power…” before running for office.

The House Dems are apparently pursuing Trump’s pre-election taxes on the say-so of the convicted liar, Michael Cohen, who has apparently told them that Trump overstated the value of his real estate holdings in order to get a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills football team.

Considering the amount of money likely involved in that transaction, you would think that even a bank as large as Deutsche Bank would have at least taken a long hard look at the collateral presented to it to confirm Trump’s stated net worth before tackling the request.

At this point, no one should be bewildered about any Democrat’s desire to “get” the President.

If Congress wants to add tax returns or other financial disclosures, such as a cash flow statement, to the three requirements already in the Constitution, they should pass a bill to add the financial information to the required qualifications, not just for the President but for any elected officer.

We might all benefit from checking out the financials of Biden, O’Rourke, or even Schumer, Pelosi, Elijah Cummings or any other congressional office holder.

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