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Another Obama surrogate?

May 15, 2019

Seeing as how even the most “woke” Democrats can’t find a way to put Hillary Clinton back on the ticket for 2020, they’re running the next best thing –  Joe Biden.

Biden is essentially the closest thing now that the Obama Democrats have to another Obama term, which is what Hillary was.

There’s no doubt that Joe Biden will come across better than Hillary did, unless of course he leanns too far left and insults the blue collar Democrats too. That’s unlikely, because his stock in trade has always been his ability to scam, er, cultivate the working class.

The Real Clear Politics average ranking has Biden ahead of Bernie by 13 points.  Other polls have Biden up by as much as 18 points over Bernie, with the rest of the pack struggling to get into double digits.

Not that polls matter at this stage of the game anyway. With 23 Democratic candidates all in the hunt it’s amazing that anyone is in double digits.

What is interesting is that Biden, at least as of now, is at best a middle of the road liberal, and he’s smart enough not to try to out-Bernie the self-avowed Democratic Socialist. Biden will be all in on single-payer healthcare, but less so on supporting a guaranteed income or taking people’s  gasoline burning cars away from them, at least pre-election.

And that’s what gives him his appeal.  Various polls rank Bernie-ism as popular with only about 25% of probable Democrat voters.

To those voters who find Trump just a classic boor, Biden knows when to be just one of the boys remember ( ‘This is a big f—ing deal’), and when to present himself more elegantly.

True, he can’t help being an old white guy, but stacked up against Trump, he offers a flashback to Obama, and a less irritating version of both Sanders and Trump.

Still the first primary is still more than half a year away, and who knows who or what will crawl out of the woodwork to run between now and then (think de Blasio)?


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