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Cruising the news.

May 16, 2019

We hate to agree with Alyssa Milano about anything, but she’s right about one answer to abortion on demand…keep your legs closed  (and carry a good, sharp knife) and you’ll probably never need to worry about abortion.

While the majority of us understand that a developing fetus is not a lump of bread dough rising in a woman’s abdomen, one wonders if prohibiting abortions before most women even know they are pregnant might be a step too far.

Seriously though, is abortion really a Federal problem? Just because Roe v Wade was decided in a Federal court, does that make it a Federal problem?  It seems as though some states back freedom of choice while others are so rigid that they are demanding no abortions, ever.

Only 38 out of 50 states have laws on the books that consider the fetus a separate being if a woman is murdered.

Just wonderin’.


And then there’s immigration, and the ridiculous stand of Democrats, who refuse to even consider using Trump’s proposal as a starting point for adult conversation on the subject.

What the (bleep) is so hard to understand about illegal?

As soon as the subject of merit-based legal immigration comes up, some drooling Dem will trot out the rusty old argument that early in our history we didn’t have any restrictions by merit.

First, that’s absolutely untrue, and second, things have changed.

At first the government was simply looking to find enough bodies to populate the states and territories, but even then you couldn’t enter if you were sick, or didn’t have any skills at all.

This ain’t Disneyland, folks, and besides, you have to be able to pay to go there too.


And last but not least, Bill De Blasio finally got around to declaring he was in on the run for the presidency.

Whoopee.   No wonder everyone thinks Biden will win the primaries.

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