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Should Dems bench Nadler?

May 21, 2019

You occasionally hear murmers that Jerrold Nadler and President Trump have had a long-running personal feud, dating back to the late 1980’s.

That may well account for some of the things Nadler does that seem to be completely off the wall, to the point that it makes some Democrats look like a deranged band of howler monkeys, screaming for impeachment.

Nancy Pelosi is apparently going to have another little sit-down with that group tomorrow, but anyone watching the constant haranguing knows that moving for impeachment now would most surely all but guarantee a Trump win next year.

Seniority and longevity would make it all but impossible to remove Nadler from his position, but you have to wonder if the Speaker of the House sometimes wants to just lock him in a closet somewhere.

One of those times might be today, as Nadler made all sorts of wild-eyed threats against both Don McGhan and President Trump this morning.

Just about every President has at one time or another ignored a subpoena  from Congress, and so far as we know, none were impeached for doing so.

To most people, it makes no sense at all for Democrats to try to engineer a do-over of the Mueller investigation,  especially when doing so means that the Dems will not be working on anything voters really care about.

We are setting up one of the the same scenarios that torqued voter’s jaws tight almost three years ago, and that is that politicians are always putting off acting on real issues because there is another damn election about to take place.

It will interesting to see what Madam Pelosi has to say to her cubs tomorrow, assuming that it leaks as quickly as things usually do on the Hill.









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