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May 22, 2019

Did Dems just go a step too far?

As you may have heard, less than an hour before a previously scheduled meeting between President Trump and Democrat leaders to discuss infrastructure, Nancy Pelosi popped off that the President is engaged in a cover-up.

She didn’t say what he was supposedly covering up, but apparently she was referring to his objections to the Dems staging a rerun of the Mueller probe.

Needless to say, that went over about as gracefully as a pregnant pole vaulter. In short, the President was pissed.

The upshot was that when Pelosi and Schumer got to the White House he told them that they could legislate or investigate, but not both at the same time.

Apparently their answer to that was that the investigation would go on, and the President turned on his heel and left.  Duration of meeting?  About five minutes.

For their part, the two Dems then went on camera to say that they didn’t have the meeting because the President didn’t know how infrastructure  could be funded, and was therefore afraid to have the discussion.


Just how stupid do Democrats think we are? Wait, don’t answer that. They think we are dumber than a post.

We know that aside from finding absolutely no evidence that anyone in the Trump campaign or subsequently his administration “colluded” with Russia, Mueller’s merry band of investigators also failed to stretch his investigation out  long enough, i.e., a lot closer to the 2020 election.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX-18th) says she has the paperwork ready to introduce today or tomorrow to begin impeachment proceedings, although Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI- 12th), whose job it is to whip votes for things like this, would not say whether the House has enough votes to get it passed.

We are in the camp of “defecate or get off the pot.” or if not, just shut up altogether.


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