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Mueller, in his own words.

May 29, 2019

If you have read the entire Mueller report (and we have), this in-person address was one way of saying “Nothing new to see here, folks.”

We are making the supposition that this public address was Mueller’s way of satisfying the calls for his public testimony, as well as saying that this is all he would say even if subpoenaed by Congress.

Still, tone and attitude does convey a nuance to the message.

Whether you read the report or just listened to him today it is clear that he and presumably his team desperately wanted to find evidence of conspiracy  (collusion) with the Russians.

Based on his reiteration of the OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) opinion that you cannot indict a sitting President, one wonders why he spent so much time and money trying to implicate Trump and his campaign members  in a Russian conspiracy.

Please note that the OLC opinion only applies to Presidents, not their campaign staff.

Mueller could have charged and  indicted anyone else in Trump’s campaign, from the Trump sons to the pilot of his personal jet, IF there was any evidence. That is presumably why AG Barr said no campaign member was found to have colluded with the Russians.

Note that the Russians themselves were charged and indicted, for all the good that does at this point.

The best the Mueller team could do was to charge some campaign members with unrelated crimes such as tax evasion (Bannon) that happened years before there even was a Trump campaign, or suck them into a perjury trap after the campaign.

If Papadopoulos was indeed set up by a human FBI or CIA asset, that does put a different spin on things, but that’s yet to be proven.

So much for “collusion.”

That leaves much of America asking how Trump could have “obstructed” investigation into a crime that doesn’t exist.

So why was all the ink, time and money used to create “volume 2?” Perhaps it was a “matter” of justification.

The bad thing is, none of this will change very many people’s opinion of the President.

Does that mean this is over?  Dream on, little ones.

The Dems will drop this when Trump draws his last breath on this earth, even if he lives to be 100.

Quite frankly this has become boring as hell.

The haters will continue to hate, and his supporters will vote the President back into office in 2020, assuming they aren’t numerically in the minority or the system isn’t corrupted by states voting to throw all their electoral votes to whomever has the most votes in their state.

In short, Washington is still the 21st century national version of Tammany Hall in the USA and will remain that way until we get short term limits in place.

One thing Mueller was right about.  We do need to slap the Russian, Ukrainian and Latin American communists down, hard and often.


For those who asked, yes, we’ve missed a few days here and there. That’s partly due to this writer trying to baby an old back injury, and partly because there is no reason to parrot the news and opinion media.

As we noted all this impeachment drama isn’t so much dramatic as boring, and we hate to do boring.

That said, if there is something worth writing about, we’ll be here. At the present time, it’s too early to focus on just one Democrat, but there are a few, like Biden, Buttigieg, Harris, and a few others that are worth wasting a little ink on even at this early stage.

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