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Science and the heartbeat laws.

May 30, 2019

Featured today was the story of a little girl who was born prematurely at 23 weeks due to maternal complications and weighed less than a pound at birth.

She went home yesterday at five pounds and was described as “healthy.”

This obviously isn’t the norm, but just as obviously, she wasn’t a lump of dough or an amorphous conglomeration of unrelated cells at 23 weeks .

And that brings up a problem for both pro and anti-abortion believers, especially the third trimester groups.

It would seem to be common sense that if it is illegal to kill a child surviving on its own, then any fetus who could become a viable baby outside the mother’s womb, even if it requires  medical care post-birth is just as illegal.

The obvious goal of the so-called heartbeat bills is to effectively outlaw abortions, since many women, especially if they tend to have irregular periods, wouldn’t even know they were pregnant at 6 weeks. Thus, they could be jailed for committing a “crime” they didn’t even know they were committing.

Even if you are pro-choice, it’s hard to justify abortion rights by saying that the only “person” affected is the woman, especially if the fetus is past 24 weeks along, and this little girl, who is certainly a person, is the proof of the pudding. There is the baby, and usually there is a father in the picture too, unless the baby was the product of rape or incest.

At some point, Roe v Wade is going to have to be addressed again.

Many anti-abortion people are also against artificial birth control, which seems incredibly strange.  After all, the best way to make abortion unnecessary is to not get pregnant in the first place.

The heartbeat bills are not the answer, but having unprotected sex and then having an abortion on demand  to “cure” the resulting pregnancy isn’t either.

This whole mess needs a lot more thought than we give it now.




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