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TGIF – May 31, 2019.

June 1, 2019

Can you hear him now?

It appears that President Trump finally got Mexico’s attention re: the illegal immigrant problem.

It’s true that tariffs are an unconventional way to try to stem the flood of invading immigrants but it sure as hell got everyone’s attention.

Remember, the President asked Mexico for more and better cooperation in controlling the hoards of immigrants that were entering and transversing Mexico last month.

That worked for all of 10 days or so.

The result was that yesterday 1034 “immigrants” bebopped into Texas as though they had heard that our country was giving away free money.

Oh, wait… we are.

The only people who don’t get it are people in Congress who are drawing handsome salaries from the government to sit on their hands and do nothing.

Ask around a little bit, and you will hear people wondering why the armed forces who have received well in excess of 700 billion dollars for each of the last two years can’t at least form a human wall to protect OUR borders for a change.

The answer of course is that they could, if someone had the guts to call the current influx of people what they are; an invading army.

As for some of the Republicans who seem to be just as dunce-like as their Democrat counterparts, if you don’t want the Mexican tariffs, then perhaps it’s time to put up or shut up.

Lost in all the noise about what the President did is the fact that that President Trump is actually putting his own re-election chances on the line, and you can bet he knows it.

If tariffs, whether in China or Mexico affect the economy adversely, it’s going to hurt Trump at the ballot box next year.

So why would he take that chance?

Maybe because stopping illegal immigration is the right thing to do.

California fail.   

New tonight is a notice from California government that residents should expect brownouts and even total blackouts in the power supply this summer.

Supposedly, that’s being done to lessen the risk of a power line sparking and catching any brush or trees below it on fire, as happened with a PG&E line last year.

Frankly, a state that cannot deliver routine utility service is a failing state.

Has anyone ever heard of clear-cutting the fuel under the power lines? Or inspecting the lines themselves at least weekly?

Deliberate blackouts and brownouts should work really well for patients in hospitals, the very young and the very old or other utilities like the water department.

Apparently when they were handing out brains during the period of human creation, Californians thought they said trains, and didn’t get in line.

Comments on the floods and twisters

Having lived in Ft. Smith, AR (famous for being the home of the so-called hanging judge, Roy Parker, who is NOT the same guy in Texas who also was nicknamed a hanging judge) back in the late 1960’s, in an apartment just six blocks from the river, this writer can relate to the floods better than most.

In fact, the one and only twister I was ever actually in was in Ft. Smith (in December, no less), and it’s freaky how capricious those things can be. It took the chimney off  my apartment building, just about leveled a home half a block away, moved on to a little town called Greenwood and just about wiped it out.

A relative helped build the Dardanelle Dam, which the last I heard was still standing.

It hasn’t made the news yet, but I wonder how little (just over 3,000 residents) Muldrow (OK) is doing. It is just across the river from Ft. Smith and at that time was home to a darn good restaurant where we sometimes went on Friday nights.

The folks that live in that area are as tough as an old boot, and eventually, they’ll get the mess straightened out.

Best wishes to them.

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