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Housing options for the homeless.

June 5, 2019

According to this 2016 Los Angeles Times article, L.A. County has numerous unused and/or under-utilized government buildings, mostly Federal.

Why couldn’t these buildings be either sold or leased to the county and used to provide shelter for the homeless?

True, there are some homeless people, many of whom that are mentally ill, who prefer to live on the street, but many more do so out of necessity.

One person suggested that we try to pass a Federal law making it a crime to harbor large gatherings of the homeless, on public health grounds.  Imagine what Democrats would have to say about that.

The news has lately been full of stories about police officers contracting flea-borne diseases from the rodents that live amongst the homeless communities, and we recently spoke to a former San Francisco police officer who moved to another state because of conditions in what used to be a lovely city.

He noted that he could accept being shot as a condition of his employment, but not bringing home a disease from the Dark Ages to his family. Among the mildest things he said was that his city was no better than a sewer. He noted that the school his children had attended was rife with head lice, a condition that he said seemed to crop up as more and more undocumented children were pushed into the schools.

It is ridiculous that in the 21st century, anyone has to put up with these conditions almost solely because of corrupt politicians.

We used to joke about building a wall to keep Californians in.  Today, that’s no longer a joke.

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