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TGIF – July 5, 2019

July 5, 2019

Should we end legal immigration?

With reports of Democrat senator and president wannabe Booker personally escorting five asylum seekers over the Mexican border into the U.S. people are beginning to ask whether 2-plus million immigrants a year is just too many to process.

Since Democrat politicians plainly favor illegal immigrants over those who have followed the rules, perhaps if they win in 2020, we should halt the one million or so legal immigrants until we have processed all the illegal ones.

Of course it could take a long time to process the millions of people who have jumped the border, but hey, what’s another 20-30 years or so?

Of course that wouldn’t work, since one half of our Congress belongs to a party that favors completely open borders.  The answer by these bimbos to ending legal immigration would be to personally escort two million people and more over our useless border.


Of Democrats and rubber rooms.

With elected senators personally escorting people across the border in violation of our laws, and AOC going on hysterically about concentration camps and CBP hiding dead people, one has to ask whether a perquisite to be a Democrat these days is to live in a rubber-walled room.

Based on recent news reports, the answer is a resounding YES.

One more time – citizenship question.

Apparently the DOJ is requesting another week to come up with a reason to ask this question that will satisfy SCOTUS.

Why not tell the truth?  It isn’t about gerrymandering, but it is about figuring out how many people can LEGALLY vote in national elections.

With California now permitting illegal migrants to vote in local and state elections, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find out that they are also voting in national contests as well.

Of course there are other reasons, such as to determine how much Federal money should be allocated to help both legal and illegal immigrants, but the reason above is paramount.

It isn’t even as though it’s a new question. That question has been on census forms since 1820, the last time in 2000, as this NPR article illustrates. There is no reason to exclude it now.

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