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How much for your vote?

July 8, 2019

According to the media, Kamala Harris is offering up to $100 billion to black voters making less than $100 – $125,000 a year to assist them in buying homes if they vote her into office.

That income level would put the people eligible for Harris’s $25,000 per family handout smack dab in the middle of upper echelon middle class households in many parts of the country.

This kind of “government assistance” is exactly what caused the housing crash in the 1980’s, as politicians decided everyone should own a home, whether they could pay for it or not.

It is just as hard for lower income white buyers to scrape together a down payment and closing costs as it is for blacks.

In talking to several black voters, most said that a candidate’s skin color was the last thing they would consider when voting for a future President. Several said they were insulted that Harris seems to think their votes are for sale.

Identity campaigning isn’t setting as well with many non-white voters as the Democrats might hope.

One woman noted that “It’s easy to see what kind of people she runs with” after reading the article explaining what Harris was offering.

Another noted that it was better for voters before there was TV.  “Then” she said, “candidates actually had to have something intelligent to say, instead of running on their looks.”

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