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Pelosi plays the race card…again

July 10, 2019

Really, Nancy?  Make America white again? This from an old, rich “well-connected” white woman?  Perhaps she hasn’t looked in the mirror lately.

Probably nothing is more untrue and more galling than Dems accusing President Trump and the people who voted for him of being racists.

The bad part of that is she and her liberal accomplices may be succeeding in creating racial animosity where there was none.

It seemed that for a short while, maybe during the decade of the 1980’s and perhaps a little of the ’90s, the country as a whole was approaching the point where skin color wasn’t a huge issue.

Sure, there were pockets of racial animosity, but by and large, people were judging each other by their strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t believe it? Then answer me how a somewhat politically  inexperienced candidate like Barack Obama got elected President in 2008, over a white man celebrated as a war hero. He was elected as much by whites as other ethnicities.


Fast forward to the present day, and Nancy (Dolezal?) Pelosi.

You can’t turn on a news/opinion broadcast or pick up a paper without some liberal shouting that Trump and his supporters are RACIST, to the point that the word itself has lost all meaning.

Since “Russia, Russia, Russia”  has lost its cachet, maybe Dems just needed another “R” word to substitute.

Still, and as much as we might want to ignore it, Dems have succeeded in making skin color and ethnicity an abiding issue again.

Nice going, Nancy. You must be so proud.

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