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TGIF – July 12, 2019

July 12, 2019

Soccer “stars” shoot equal pay argument in the foot.

Normally we’d be all in on the U.S. Women’s soccer team’s equal pay for equal revenue stance.

Not so much this time around.

Soccer isn’t an “American” sport, but for those who like it that’s neither here nor there.

What we are pretty sure of though is that it doesn’t deserve to have this specific “national” team. There’s something wrong with rewarding a sport, any sport, whose members trash the nation it is supposedly representing.

Apparently there were a lot of watchers rooting for France, England and the Netherlands this year, and that has to impact the team’s monetary value.

Not real smart when you are angling for a raise.

The camel’s whole head.

You’ve probably seen the rogue’s gallery photo array of the America-hating newly elected “women of color” whining about everything from the politician-driven overcrowding at the border to the one whining that America isn’t the Disneyland of her childhood dreams.

Now, it is a free country, so these women are free to have their own personal opinions.

As part of our governing body, they are not free to attempt to overthrow the government they so obviously don’t want to represent.

Their attitude makes it doubtful that giving them access to confidential and top secret information is a good idea.

At some point in time, we may find ourselves having to add another qualifier to those required to run for office. One that quantifies “national loyalty” as an ironclad requirement.

Scaredy-cat lefties.

Why are Dems so afraid for us to find out how many people without legal authorization for residency live here?

It’s unlikely that the President’s stop gap measure to come up with an accurate count will work any better than asking the question on the census.

Still, it’s better than nothing and has the added advantage that it could be updated every year.

Although we don’t have an exact count, CBP figures show nearly ¾’s of a million apprehended in  FY 2017, just at the southwest border.

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