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America’s new civil war.

July 15, 2019

America is in the lead up to another Civil War.

So far this hasn’t led to an all-out shooting war, but it’s a civil war nonetheless.

On one side you have the pro-America groups and on the other the groups who are sure the country and the culture of slavery was founded in America by racists and homophobes.

Actually, slavery was a world-wide condition long before it appeared in America, which was reportedly in 1680, and not all slaves prior to that time were black. Slavery was recorded as early as 3500 BC in the Middle East, and it spread into Europe in the Middle Ages (5th to 15th centuries). Many slaves were the “Christians” of that era.

(Incidentally the English-speaking country we now call America was founded by a bunch of Englishmen in Jamestown, VA on May 13, 1607, well before 1680. Of course Spain and France had each glommed onto a piece of the North American pie long before then.)

The practice was also widely used in sub-Saharan Africa, prior to the development of the Atlantic slave trade, which was introduced by Portugal. So much for America being the originator of slavery.

That’s beside the point however.

Right now, there is a vocal, if small percentage of the population that seems to want the country to live under a different flag, as witnessed by incidents like the hoisting of the Mexican flag in Aurora, Colorado, or members of the so-called caravans waving the flags of their home countries.

However politically incorrect the President’s weekend tweet was regarding the “squad,” he simply gave voice to what a lot of people were thinking.  There are 192 other countries out there, and if you don’t like it here…well, maybe the squad should check out some of them.

So far, this clash is largely a media event, but it could go south (no pun intended) quickly. All it’s going to take is for groups like Antifa, or one of the white supremacy groups to pull something stupid, and this thing could go off like a roman candle.


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