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What color would you like?

July 19, 2019

Maybe we should dye everyone’s skin pink, or blue or orange.

For some reason, Dr. Martin Luther King’s wish that America become essentially colorblind just didn’t make it in the real world, and that’s a shame.

The phrase this or that “…of color” is probably one of the most detested identity politics phrases in existence.

Now we have the outrage machine all spun up because the President insulted four “women of color.”

Never mind that he didn’t identify them as “colored”.

He identified them as bigoted, anti-Semitic, open border supporting liars, and they seem eager to prove that is exactly what they are.

They may also be part of a larger group of well-funded and very far-left socialist individuals whose purpose is to  change the U.S. into something they can control from afar.

Was the President’s tweet somewhat over the top? Maybe, although it’s biggest failing was that it identified all four women as immigrants. A little fact-checking would have gone  a long way to legitimize the message in the tweet.

Still, race wasn’t even mentioned in that tweet.  It was the “squad” that made it racist, not the President.

Let’s remember that two of the four, upon finding out they had won their elections, made that all about “…impeaching the motherf—–r”  and that’s still their main goal.  Never mind that people in the Bronx needed more jobs, or that more low-income housing would relieve the strain on the people in their districts.

So, let’s ditch the race-baiting “of color” qualifier.  A jackass of any color is still a jackass.


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