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TGIF – July 19,2019.

July 20, 2019

Berkeley shows it’s intellect…again.

As noted by various news outlets, Berkeley  has gone on a witch hunt to discover and ban “gendered” words, such as manhole cover, or manpower.

Now if only they could figure out how to “de-gender” their people at birth, they would have a perfect world and the rest of  us could rest easy, knowing that these wingnuts couldn’t reproduce themselves.

This isn’t 2016.

Wednesday we posted a piece commenting on the furor over President Trump’s supposedly racist tweet regarding the not so fabulous AOC plus three, noting that color wasn’t the point.

Having said that, we also note that a lot of the attention-getting tactics Trump used in 2016 are unnecessary now, and may even be harmful to his campaign.

Not only does the whole country know who he is now, but he knows his and the country’s detractors and enemies by name and face now.

Take for instance the nicknames.

At best there are only a half dozen or so viable Democratic challengers, so why not hold off on labeling all but the top two or three until one shakes out on top in the primaries?

Take Biden for instance.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden hasn’t been in a real political combat zone for far too long. That’s not to say he can’t sharpen up with the aid of a newly hired debate coach, but he clearly wasn’t just off his game in the last debate, he didn’t even have a game.

If he can’t do better in the next Democratic debate at the end of the month, he’s toast.

Much as Trump’s base may love the schoolyard name-calling, the people opposing Trump have plenty of real things to attack them on, and that may be more functional this time around.

The squad of what army?

What do people hear and feel when Representatives Omar and Tlaib and the others of the “squad” swear to remain a thorn in the President’s side, or when they denounce Israel on a daily basis?

For many, they hear the blind, unreasoning hatred expressed by the radical proponents of jihad.

It doesn’t help the situation when one of the squad makes light of 911. Three thousand people have died and are still dying  to satisfy the murderous wishes of those people “who did something.”

As the dust and broken concrete and body parts were still swirling in the September air, someone hung a  banner that day that said “We will never forget.”

So, when the women of the squad sound like radicals, it isn’t hard to see why people see them that way.


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