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Mueller Wednesday.

July 23, 2019

Tomorrow might be a great day to mow your lawn, go shopping or catch a movie, or all three.

If however you insist upon watching the latest installation of Jerry Nadler’s  “let’s get Trump” performance,  it will of course be televised, probably in its entirety on Fox, and also on C-span.

Frankly, this should be about as riveting as watching Geraldo’s over-hyped and underperforming 1986 special on  the opening of Al Capone’s secret vault, which turned out to be empty sans some trash.

It will be interesting to see if Mueller is “baited” into straying from his promise to confine his testimony to the 448-page report.

It might be interesting to see if he accedes to being “forced” to read some of the report out loud.

After members of Congress having already done that, perhaps we can comment on Mueller’s book report prowess. We can have a contest between the members of Congress and Mueller to see who gets the “best presentation” award.

Look, we’ve got it. The left hates Trump, Christians and conservative men.  Move along, folks.

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