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TGIS- August 3, 2019

August 3, 2019

Yeah, Saturday, not Friday.  Sorry about that., but a “minor” (according to the docs)  procedure is messing with my writing schedule. (I’d love to perform this minor procedure on the doctors, and we’d see how minor it was then 🙂 )

So much for that.

Anyhoo, post the Democrat debates,  one wonders what the “independents” think of the contenders at this point.

Frankly, although the top 4 or 5 most socialist-leaning contenders, plus Biden are getting most of the press, an awful lot of slightly left-leaning people would  like to see more of candidate Delaney.

As one noted, “I have no interest in electing Nicholas Maduro-Moros as president.”

Others note that some of the candidates are far more race-obsessed than Trump and his supporters.

One noted “Have you ever noticed that Democrats seem to be accusing conservatives of the things the Democrats themselves are doing?”

Take the President’s efforts on behalf of ASAP Rocky (Rakim Mayers).

Can you imagine Cory Booker doing the same for a white person?  Probably not.

(Incidentally, it would be nice to see all the video of Mr. Mayers confrontation. One snippet does show about three seconds that seems to confirm his story that he was put upon by the people he is accused of attacking.)

Whatever. Obviously some people are going to vote for whichever Democrat comes out on top, or they won’t vote at all. Others may be far more moderate than the party would like to portray them.

But that’s OK.  At least we are getting a good idea of what the Democratic party actually stands for early on in the process..

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