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Left wing suicide prevention.

August 8, 2019

Gun control will not lower leftist suicide rates.

Between Democrats doxxing their own donors, liberal Trump haters like a former FBI employee named Figliuzzi claiming the President is engaging in subliminal Nazi mind control, and Joe Biden, who has never figured out that he was the token honky in the Obama campaign, you have to ask yourself:

Why would anyone vote for these nut cases?

Even people who are lifelong Democratic voters ARE asking themselves that question.

We can only suppose that TDS is so virulent it can actually be a terminal illness, at least politically.

Meanwhile the Dems do have a few nearly sane contenders like John Delaney who actually could attract moderate Democratic voters, and yet they seem determined to chuck them out of the race.

Which leads us to send this message to President Trump:

Sir, when the opposition is burying themselves in a hole, give them shovels and let them keep digging.


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