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TGIF – August 9, 2019

August 9, 2019

Naddled, again.

Jerry Nadler is certainly a sore loser, as evidenced by his new crusade against Justice Kavanaugh, whereby he wants to see all of Kavanaugh’s White House records from his time in the Bush administration, something that the  former Bush administration might have a problem with as well.

And then of course there is President Trump.

Having failed utterly to “convict” President Trump of being a Russian agent, Jerry Nadler is nevertheless hell bent on impeaching him.

This personal obsession should frankly be enough to have Nadler removed from his committee duties, perhaps to a rubber room, but that’s obviously not going to happen.

Perhaps it would be better to just let him play out his fantasies.

Nothing would guarantee the President’s re-election as surely as a failed impeachment.

If news reports are to be believed, Nadler is going after Trump primarily because of personal animus based on business dealings predating the Trump presidency by many years.

That may explain his strange behavior, but it does not explain the concerted effort by the FBI and Democrats to prevent or end Trump’s presidency, leaving us to wonder just what electing Clinton was meant to cover up.

As we have conjectured before, it also seems to be about more than just losing an election.

If the teases are to be believed, the OG’s report and the AG’s investigation may have some damaging findings that touch on more than just individual wrongdoing by a few DOJ and FBI bad actors.

Should be worth waiting for…just not for too long.

Twitter needs competition.

Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the liberal social media are never going to play fair with conservatives.

Maybe we need another social media platform. Surely there are people on the conservative side smart enough to design and build another platform.

Maybe we could call it “Swatter.” Then, instead of tweeting, we could swat.

Remove guns…or fingers?

A few days past I was in a store that, along with clothes, batteries and sporting goods, sells guns.

There they were, rifles standing along the wall, handguns peering at me from showcases.

Not a one leveled itself at me or anyone else.

Maybe the thing we need to remove are trigger fingers, not guns.

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