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Americans and gun control.

August 14, 2019

We heard someone on TV say they don’t know how the American people feel about outlawing guns and universal background checks.

We can’t speak for the whole of America, but we know how some of them feel, and Wayne LaPierre is the least of Congress’ worries.

Given the way Democrats are trying to take over everything in America from healthcare to equating a minimum wage with a living wage, to what’s taught in our schools, to what kind of car you can drive, or the food you can eat, reminds many people that the first thing dictators do is disarm the public.

They are asking questions about Dems who advocate for gun confiscation, buybacks or Federal gun licensing.

They also note that according to law enforcement, none of the proposed gun control policies would have stopped the Las Vegas, Dayton and El Paso shooters, nor would they have stopped the “slicers”, i.e. people using knives to kill and maim others.

One of the shooters also had a shotgun and handguns, and people ask if gun control advocates would also target those weapons.

That doesn’t mean all gun owners are against common sense policies like red flag laws, as long as those laws include strict due process.

One gun owner just became the fifth generation of his family to inherit an antique 1892 Colt .45. The gun is in wonderful shape, probably hasn’t been shot two dozen times since it was new, and thus is still a viable weapon.

“There is no way I am going to do a background check when the time comes for me to pass it on to my son, nor am I going to register it.  It’s simply a piece of family history.”

You don’t hear about these gun owners much, but you will, especially in 2020.

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