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Law and order.

August 15, 2019

First, kudos to the Philly cops for not succumbing to the urge to blow the guy who was shooting at them into kingdom come once they got the cops and their prisoners out of the house.

Second, how damn stupid do you have to be to go on a gun control rant and ignore the fact that the perp was dealing drugs, and not even comment on the fact that the narcotics cops were there to serve arrest warrants at a house full of drug dealers that was right next to a day care?

We dunno, but you could ask former prosecutor Harris, or former mayor ( Newark NJ 2006-2013) Booker.

Third, do you suppose any of the drugs being sold might have come over the border that Dems want to open?

Yes, the cocaine seized in the largest drug bust in U.S. history (35,000 pounds) came in through a Philadelphia seaport, not over the southern border. But, from 2011 to 2015, US customs and Border Patrol statistics show there were 10,788,135.3 pounds of all kinds of drugs seized at the southern border, and we don’t even know how much wasn’t seized but made its way into our cities.

Add to that the fact that people were heckling the cops and the story is about a lot more than gun control.

And while we’re on the subject of the hecklers…

During the water throwing incidents in New York City we noticed a kid, a little guy maybe 3 or 4, wearing orange shorts who was right there taking it all in. In one shot it appeared someone handed him a cup, although we didn’t see the child throw it at the cops.

What a great way to raise your kids. Maybe the Philly hecklers were just upset that they were losing their neighborhood dealers.

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