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TGIF – August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

Trump’s not-so-new green card rules.

Ellis Island didn’t allow sick or illiterate people to immigrate.

At least you can have a runny nose or a goiter and still immigrate into the U.S. in today’s world.

That wasn’t true in the early years of the 20th century according to, which also noted that would-be immigrants were herded through metal guardrails. The arrivees also had to be literate, as illiteracy adversely impacted their employability. also refers to a disinclination to allow in arrivees who might become wards of the state, as noted in this passage:

Questionable candidates were forced to submit to more detailed questioning and medical exams, and any signs of contagious disease, poor physique, feeblemindedness or insanity could see an immigrant denied admittance on the grounds that they were likely to become a ward of the state ” .

In fact, today’s bleeding heart liberals would probably succumb to a moral paroxysm if we used the rules extant in the late 18th and early 19th century.

Apparently living off the government wasn’t popular then either.

Granted, the “new” ruling could use some clarification.  It appears to refer only to those who derive the main portion of their subsistence from government programs, but to date, that hasn’t been made clear in the press, and we could benefit from seeing its intent better explained.

The other “Green”deal.

The  U.S. has been interested in purchasing Greenland before, specifically in 1946. The Danes weren’t up for it then either, according to, even though at that time we offered to trade in part of Alaska too.

WaPo counts

According to the Washington Post, President Trumps has “lied” 12,019 times in 928 days.

Gee, a politician who exaggerates things. Who knew.

At least now we do know why WaPo seems to have so little time to gets its own facts straight.

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