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TGIF – August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

Picture Dem candidates doing this.

Never mind whether Joe Biden is “nice” or Liz Warren has a plan for government health insurance.

The first thing you should picture your candidate of choice doing is going toe-to-toe with Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un or Hassan Rouhani.

We can survive arguing about the Green New Deal or climate change.

Getting it wrong with one of those three can get us dead.

Speaking of climate change.

The climate is changing, just has it has for centuries.

No scientist denies that, and considering that we just started coming out of the Little Ice Age in either 1850 or 1870, or about 150-170 years ago, depending on which source you believe, we’d better be damn glad it is.

The Little Ice Age spanned over 400 years, so the fact that the planet is still warming comes as no surprise.

And leave it to opportunistic politicians to use that natural cycle as a way to make money and gain power.

We will have to adjust to further warming, unless of course the planet takes a sudden shift and we start cooling again.

Remember the “polar bear extinction” predicted by the likes of Al Gore in 2007? Even he has had to quit talking about that, since the population has increased, with some estimates putting the numbers at 22,000 to 31,000 as noted in this article.

So yes, we do need to research previous periods of warming and maybe move our waterfront homes back a few hundred feet.

But allowing politicians to exploit the natural cycles for their own gain makes us one hell of a lot dumber than the animals who migrated as necessary to remain viable.

Let the winnowing begin.

With four wannabe 2020 presidential candidates now succumbing to reality and dropping out, we can only hope that by the first of the year the field will reduce itself down to a number that makes it worthwhile to explore their positions, assuming they have any by that time.



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