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The 2020 circus.

September 6, 2019

We have the ultimate answer to global warming, i.e. climate change.

Surgically remove politician’s vocal chords.

OK, election years do normally create a lot of yak-yak, but this season is beyond the pale.

When you have Bimbo O’Rourke declaring that if elected he will institute mandatory buy-backs of guns he never sold in the first place i.e. gun confiscation, Bernie Sanders demanding that U.S. taxpayers fund birth control in the other 192 countries in the world, not to mention calls for “mandatory” removal of gas engines, whether owners can afford to replace them or not, (of course they will be aided by infusions of taxpayer cash) you can be excused for wondering why we need a central government at all.

Sooner rather than later, Democrats are going to move on to “noticing” that most shootings are committed with handguns, not AR-15’s. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what happens then.

And that takes us to businesses who are deciding what type of guns and ammo they will sell.

These are private businesses, so they have every right to sell or not sell whatever they want, or to say whether they will allow guns on their premises.

We do tend to wonder why Walmart and other businesses don’t just stop dealing in any kind of firearms. It seems somewhat hypocritical to continue to handle the better selling firearms products.

Someone asked the other day what good President Trump has been to the country.

We would say that even if he has done nothing else, he has exposed a segment of politicians for the totalitarian ruler wannabes that they are.

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