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TGIF – Sept.13, 2019

September 14, 2019

There’s how many more Democrat debates?

Having watched the first three Democrat “debates”, we are not sure that we are so into masochism that we will watch the remaining nine.

After all, how many times do we want to hear various candidates crow that they are going to raise middle class taxes to pay for “free” healthcare, tax the assets we have worked our entire lives to acquire, hand out guaranteed incomes, illegally confiscate “weapons of war” or classify gun owners as domestic terrorists?

Maybe we’ll just wait for the abridged versions the next day.

Ambulance chasers united.

Has anyone else noted the increase in ads touting suing for “damages” from this or that product?

Take “Roundup” for instance. Now, we aren’t qualified to say whether the product causes cancer, but one thing we are sure of…if the users heeded the warnings on the containers, it shouldn’t have been a problem.

In almost every ad, we see people using the product without properly covering all of their bare skin or wearing breathing filters, in spite of the fact that every container of this liquid product  carries a warning to keep it off the skin and not to breathe the spray. That means wearing long sleeved shirts, long pants, liquid-proof gloves, and wearing a breathing mask, and oh yes, not to play or contact sprayed areas for 24  to 48 hours, and not let livestock graze in the sprayed areas for 7 days.

After all, weed poisons are well, poisonous.

It isn’t just “Roundup” either. It seems as though a lot of lawyers are trolling for business with these interminable ads. This used to be prohibited, and if it isn’t anymore, maybe it should be.

Should we house the homeless in unused prison cells?

According to some liberals, we shouldn’t put people in jail for “nonviolent” crimes.  Presumably that’s crimes like burglary, selling dope, grand larceny, theft,vandalism, etc.  That should leave us plenty of room to house the homeless in the unused cells.


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