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TGIF – Sept. 20, 2019

September 21, 2019

Trump-gate 5.0

If this Congress had been in session, we would probably have lost WWII and the Berlin Wall would still be standing.

Apparently Trump isn’t supposed to talk to foreign leaders about anything, which is kind of a problem for a president.

In their never-ending crusade to find something, anything, to impeach the President for, Dems in Congress are implying that Trump was doing something nefarious in a phone conversation with a foreign leader.

As the President himself said in a tweet, he knows that all of his phone calls are monitored by both the good guys and the bad guys, so he probably wouldn’t be dumb enough to have a treasonous conversation  with another world leader, which is what Adam Schiff seemed to imply yesterday

Of course today there’s different story (he’s after Joe Biden’s son, Hunter), and tomorrow there will probably be another one. The problem is, the left has cried wolf so many times, nobody is listening anymore.

What we do know is that the constant crusade to get Trump out of office is just plain odiferous.


Supposedly millions of people world-wide marched to confirm the dire reality of man-made climate change today.

If, as some say, the world is ending in ten or twelve years we can see why letting kids out of school to protest it is OK.  After all, what good is an education if we’re all going to be wiped out before some of these kids even get their first job?

On the other hand, are these protests going to stop it?

As we have said before, the climate has swung one way or the other since long before pre-humans quit swinging from trees. And we would be beyond stupid not to agree that some of the things man does are detrimental to the environment, at least in their local areas.

But enough with all the politically motivated doomsayers. No wonder teen suicides are up, if we are telling them they are all going to die anyway.

This climate disaster meme has been going on since the 1960’s, and it mostly benefits politicians.   Check out this compilation of failed doomsday proclamations at the Competitive Enterprise Institute for a history of some of the more ignominious examples.

You will find that the L.A. Times ran a piece in 1967 in which some “expert” predicted worldwide famine by 1975, and suggested that involuntary sterilization was the way to help fix it. Today of course it’s people voluntarily eschewing childbearing to save the planet.

In 1979, we were going to perish from another fast-acting Ice Age, according to an article in the Washington Post.

Later on it was the likes of Al Gore and Prince Charles (yeah, the one in England) who were sure we were all going to burn up.

Now the hurricanes are being blamed on climate change, even though we’ve been having hurricanes or their Far East cousins, typhoons/cyclones for as long as we’ve had oceans.

And yet we keep falling for it. Who says it’s our brains that distinguish us from the lower animals?

No more hugging the homeless?

Apparently the EPA is going to cite San Francisco for pollution caused by the homeless epidemic. We would suggest that a better agency to tackle the issue would be the CDC.

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