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September 30, 2019

How is all this impeachment discussion affecting “swing” Trump voters, the ones who voted against Hillary rather just for Trump?

Here are some of their comments:

“This isn’t just about Trump.  What scares Democrats is that 62 million people are not fooled by the corruption in Washington, and impeaching Trump isn’t going to change that. These people are in office to further their own ends, not to “serve the people” which  is a complete fraud.”

“Impeach him for what?  Telling the truth about Biden?”

“It isn’t so much that I “like” Trump. It’s about stopping the Demo-Coms from turning the U.S. into just another socialist state.”

“Why would I vote for people who want to tell me what I can eat, strip me of my 2nd Amendment rights, raise my taxes, take my health insurance away, and tell me what kind of car I can own? If stopping that means voting for Trump again, count me in.”

The only way I wouldn’t vote for him again is if there is a smarter Trump out there. He sticks his foot in his mouth too often, but at least now we can see how crooked Washington really is, and that’s thanks to Trump.”

Sounds like some of us are still not fooled.








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