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Breaking up might be the answer.

October 8, 2019

No, this isn’t advice for the lovelorn.

Before the last presidential election, a number of people were heard asking why we have to have just one center of government, and we are hearing that again (or is it still?).

Why, they asked, shouldn’t various regions of the U.S. have their own semi-national government bodies, with Washington D.C. being reserved strictly for military and international politics and only the CEOs of the localized governments populating DC and being allowed to make decisions for the regional areas?

The cons of that system are obvious, but what about the pros of the  idea?

For instance, let’s say that we divided the U.S. into five  areas.  East and West coasts, northern and southern strips and a central area, defined by size and population and with firm borders between them.

That way, if the East and  West Coasts wanted to be socialist or gun or religion-free, so be it, but they could not impose their will on say, the Northern tier.

Also, the residents of these five areas would be a lot closer to their regional leaders, making it a lot harder for the “leaders” to ignore their voters.

Of course there is that little thing called the Constitution, but heck, no one in DC seems to care much about it today anyway.

We make no judgment on the idea one way  or the other, but we do point out that the fact that the idea is still floating around indicates that there are still a lot of people who feel betrayed by, and contemptuous of, Washington D.C.

And we would note that those are the people who voted for the current President the last time around.

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