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Why ARE Republicans backing Trump?

October 9, 2019

So ask outlets such as NBC and CNN, related of course to the “I” word.

Well, the first reason might be because Democrats and Socialists have been trying to get rid of him ever since the before the 2016 election, leading one to wonder what the Dems are so afraid of us finding out.

Second, their excuses are not just flimsy, they are as fragile as crystal.  And third, the Dems seem to be accusing him of things they themselves are doing or have done.

After all, we just spent some 30 months or so being spoon-fed a narrative that turned out to be a big fat lie, which doesn’t bode well for the integrity of the impeachment.

Also, Democrats haven’t been able to come up with a candidate for 2020 that has much connection to the truth.

Take Liz Warren’s claim that she was fired for being “noticeably pregnant.”

The problem with her story is that the truth would have served her better than the fantasy, not to mention that she has told different stories about it in the past.

Up until very recently, maybe the early ’80s, women were discriminated against for being “visibly” pregnant..  She could have said that, and been on firm historical ground, but she had to make it all about her.

And of course there’s that whole Socialist thing, which isn’t too popular with a lot of people over forty.

So when The Pelosi/Nadler/Schiff bunch try to sell us on impeachment, it’s pretty hard for anyone to take them seriously.

In short no one is offering us anyone better than President Trump. He isn’t perfect, far from it, but at least he does what he says he’s going to do.

With that in mind, why would we want him impeached, especially when the opposition’s  grounds are legally indefensible? .

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