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Suspicions confirmed?

October 14, 2019

As some longtime readers might remember, this blog was started as a means to observe the effect of electing a non-politician to the nation’s highest office.

Or to put it more plainly, what happens when citizens eschew being ruled instead of represented?

A lot of people who voted for the President identify as unaligned or independent voters. Most are not any party’s “base.”

Trump’s election sure ticked off a bunch of professional politicians, but has it had any salutatory effect?.

Musings is neither for nor against the President. We call him out when he is ineffective or acts like a jackass, but we praise him when deserves it.

It’s not about the man but the mission, which was to highlight and hopefully break the political stranglehold Washington has on Main Street USA.

If the election has had no other effect, it has surely confirmed that Washington, and at this time Democrats in particular, are a cross between Tammany Hall and the Mafia.

For instance, in what democracy is it OK to charge someone with wrongdoing and then prevent him from presenting a defense? That is exactly what Nancy Pelosi has done by refusing to hold a vote to certify the “investigation.” for impeachment, thereby handcuffing Republicans.

Where is it OK to hold secret hearings and then leak just those parts that vilify the President?

Why the good ol’ USA, of course.

It would be nice if the President could be a lot more coherent when he points out the graft and wrongdoing in Washington, even though his rally-goers love it when he goes off like a verbal Roman candle.

For instance, Nancy Pelosi probably doesn’t hate America…but she sure as hell both hates and fears the American people she cannot fool.

And while we’re at it, we might point out that if any of us had been treated the way the President has, we might be inclined to do a little stomping and shouting too.

Supposedly we are going to get the Horowitz report on all the chicanery that took place prior to, during and after the 2016 election the end of this week. It’s reportedly “thicker than a phone book.”

That should be interesting, but unless it results in removing and even jailing corrupt officials and throwing some light onto just how crooked things are in DC, it’s just so much substitute T.P.

There is still about one quarter of this presidential term to go, and possibly yet another term, and it remains to be seen whether Washington will get the message that not everyone is cool with being ramrodded into serfdom.

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