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TGIF –October 18, 2019.

October 18, 2019

Of Russians and rubber rooms.

Just when you thought the 2020 election drama couldn’t get any more outlandish, along comes Hillary to prove you wrong.

Apparently we just can’t have an election without a Russian operative in it, according to HRC.

Who is the newest Russian asset?  Why Tulsi Gabbard, of course.


Yes, that Gabbard.  The one who apparently sees herself and her fellow service members as President Trump’s whores, and far, far too good to take orders she doesn’t like.

But no matter how disagreeable she is, nothing could be more demeaning than to be just another HRC excuse for losing an election.  Even Gabbard doesn’t deserve that.

We are resisting the urge to call the 2020 contest “Circus 2020.”

Great idea – not.

Sometimes you have to wonder if President Trump just plants stories to troll his adversaries, or is he that tone deaf?

We are referring to the stupendous idea to put the G7 members up at Trump’s Doral property next year.

It may very well be the best venue but in the midst of all the brouhaha over emoluments and impeachment, what genius decided that proposing Doral was a smart idea?

What cease-fire?

Normally, a cease-fire means you stop firing.  Apparently someone forgot to mention that to Turkey’s Erdogan.

This seems to be another “oops” for the President.

The whole deal about pulling something less than 50 American service members out of the Syrian/Kurdish territory seems odd, unless of course Erdogan gave our government a heads-up that he was going to attack the Kurds no matter what, and warned us to get our people out of there if we didn’t want to see them slaughtered.

By the way, just an observation about the ISIS “prisoners” the Kurds were guarding.

There’s no need to guard the dead.


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