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Virtue signaling, again.

October 23, 2019

Lynching is the taking of a human life by means of strangulation, usually with a rope, without due process of law.

It is not a black or white condition. There may well have been far more white people lynched than black over the centuries. So why pray tell, is it some sort of racist appropriation for the President to call the so-called impeachment “investigation” a lynching?

Yes, black people were lynched many times simply for the crime of being black, and technically, unless the person is actually being hung it is a misnomer to call unfair political practices a lynching.

But listening to some people howling about the President’s use of the word reminds us that no one except actual livestock handlers who know how to ride a horse should dress up as cowboys on the 31st, lest they be guilty of cultural misappropriation and all that rot.

Alas, Circus 2020 is rolling along nicely.

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