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TGIF – October 25, 2019

October 25, 2019

Storming slowly.

The armed forces stormed Normandy. The p.o.’d Republicans did not “storm” the SCIF where the impeachment circus is being performed.

That said, every single media outlet described the entrance of the 30 or so Republicans as if they were a hoard of rampaging Goths pillaging Britain.

It is noteworthy that Steve Scalise seemed to be at the head of the column, and despite having seemingly healed up pretty well since being shot, “storming” still doesn’t seem to be within his abilities.

Maybe we could tone the hyperbole down just a bit?

Promises, promises.

Another week gone and another promise made that the Horowitz report is about to be released.

Remember us telling you three weeks ago not to hold your breath?  We sure hope you listened.

That said, the announcement that the routine Durham investigation had been upgraded to a criminal investigation would seem to indicate that something may actually be forthcoming “shortly.”

Reported to be as “thick as a phone book”, which we presume to mean it’s rather more than an evening’s reading, the Horowitz epistle is bound to make interesting reading for those who take the time needed.

It is also supposed to answer the question as to why the Durham investigation was upgraded.

We hope it does.  If the President is right about nothing else, he is right when he says this must never happen again.

Not all the fossils are running for President

A discovery of 66-milion year old fossils near Colorado Springs is proof that really old creatures can be historically enlightening.

Perhaps someone will dig up the Democrat front runners eons from now and learn something interesting…but we doubt it.

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