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TGIF – November 1, 2019

November 1, 2019

Impeachment – The Dems big F.U. to Trump voters.

If as has been reported, the “whistleblower” is a CIA operative who formerly worked for Joe Biden and  John Brennan, it’s pretty clear why Adam Schiff suddenly doesn’t want to interview him or let anyone else do so.

Not that it surprises anyone who voted for Trump.

Sixty-three million Americans spoke out in 2016 to express their displeasure with being ruled by a bunch of political overseers, mostly but not completely  Democrats.

That obviously ticked off a lot of people who were displeased that the serfs were opposing the masters.

The result?  An almost continual attempt to get rid of Trump by any means short of murder.

Impeachment isn’t just a move against Trump.  It is the proverbial shot across the bow to his voters as well.

Warren’s “affordable healthcare.”

Liz’s answer to funding Medicare for all smacks heavily of HRC’s “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners out of work.” strategy.

Among her strategies; Put 2 million people currently employed in the insurance and healthcare industries out of work, add 8.8 TRILLION dollars to employer costs, tax everything but the dentures of the “1%”, and tax all financial transactions at .1%.

Yet this isn’t a tax on the middle class.

Well, technically it isn’t, but only because it will destroy a large segment of the middle class. Employers who have recently been on a hiring binge will drop those workers like a hot rock.

And you wonder why people voted for Trump?

Did environmental activists help cause California wildfires?

PG&E has been blasted for its above-ground transmission lines causing fires. Maybe we are having a senior moment, but back in the 1980’s didn’t one of the electric utilities try to bury its lines, only to be stopped by every tree-hugger in the state?

We don’t remember if this was PG&E, but we do remember a kerfuffle over that issue. By the time the utility tried to wade through all the environmental red tape, it just gave up the idea completely.

If anyone remembers that, you are welcome to chime in.

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