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Will impeachment damage Trump with independents?

November 4, 2019

If President Trump is impeached (and it’s a 90% likelihood that he will be), will independents still vote for him?

A quick survey of “our” independents says yes.

Most of them point to the fact that Democrats have been trying to keep him out of or remove him from the office since he declared he was running and they see this impeachment strategy as simply more of the same.

They point to the fact that the only thing he did “wrong” on the call was bring up Biden’s name. As far as questioning the Ukrainian president about ending the corruption, that’s something he is required to do by law, seeing as how he had beaucoup taxpayer dollars riding on Levensky getting his house in order.

Not mention that Ukraine got the money within the allotted time frame, even if it wasn’t within six hours..

They also point to the fact that Biden is by his own words guilty of quid pro quo regarding the billions the Obama administration ladled out to Ukraine.

They also mention just how far left the radical members of the Democrat party have gone, noting that Ilhan Omar is now falling back on the 1960’s Communist line about “western imperialism” in her support of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Since we STILL don’t have the much-vaunted Mueller and Durham reports (it is now November, BTW), it remains to be seen if the impeachment actually goes through, but to listen to these folks it doesn’t really matter.

Comments go like this:

“Look, we all acknowledge that Trump isn’t the perfect person we would have liked to elect. That person would have had the manners of a Jeb Bush and the toughness of Trump.  Republicans didn’t offer us such a person, so we’ll stick with Trump.”

“Better Trump than a Socialist or a Communist.”

And so forth and so on.

Are “our” independents representative of the country at large?

We’ll find out in 2020.

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