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This isn’t for real, is it?

November 14, 2019

After listening to the first public rendition of the “inquiry” hearing, we have an inquiry.

Why wasn’t former Vice-President Biden impeached for bribery, extortion or quid pro quo (take your pick)?

He actually admitted to, or really, bragged about doing the exact same thing President Trump is being accused of doing and he was quite proud of it.

Were Republicans too lily-livered to bring the charges?

Or maybe, is this just how things are done in world politics?

Look at how we got Mexico to assist us in controlling illegal immigration. We threatened them with loss of money and commerce unless they got on board. Isn’t that “bribery”?

We hate the parroting the press or the President but this “inquiry” is about as convincing as a group of second-graders performing Othello.

Unfortunately, we will be subjected to more of this claptrap.  We may even get to hear about how hearsay evidence is more valuable than actual evidence.

And of course we will not be spared from listening to Nancy Pelosi repeatedly tell us how prayerful she is about her involvement in this charade.

To which we have just this to say…

“…deliver us from evil.” (from the Lord’s Prayer)

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