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Doubling down on double-dealing.

November 18, 2019

Throughout the closed door hearings of the past two or three weeks, Adam Schiff has vehemently denied that he stopped Republicans from asking questions or prevented them from calling witnesses of their choice.

His performance during the pre-rehearsed televised hearings made it clear that Schiffter the Grifter was, once again, playing fast and loose with the truth.

If you watched on Wednesday and Friday of last week, one of the most repeated Schiff phrases was “the gentle(man or woman) is not recognized.”

And what about those closed door hearings?  Aren’t they supposed to go public now?

If you believed that, there’s a bridge for sale you ought to look into.

No sooner had the cameras quit recording the Friday performance by former Ukrainian  ambassador Yovanovitch than Schiff retreated back into the cozy confines of the SCIF to rehearse with career employee Mark Sandy, currently serving in the White House OMB, and  who is certainly no Trump loyalist.

Let’s be clear.  Not everyone who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 was in love with him.  They just disliked Hillary Clinton even more than they did Trump.

Having said that, a substantial number of those people are now firmly committed to vote for Trump in 2020, no matter which Democrat finally represents that party.


For one thing, against all historical odds, Trump actually has tried to keep the promises he made while campaigning.

For another, the failure of Democrats to sell the Russia collusion mantra has caused even the most hardcore political skeptics to look twice at accusations against the President.

Someday we will get a look at the Horowitz report, and the Durham investigation will mature.

At that point, attempts to impeach the President may take on a very different

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